Saturday, December 04, 2004

 Shoveling Fort Collins 

We got into town last Tuesday night. It was three days drive over some of the most empty and desolate terrain the continental US has to offer, but we arranged it so that we missed the big late November storm that passed through and avoided snowy days in exchange for intense cold but dazzlingly clear skies.

Fort Collins was covered in about 10 inches of snow when we arrived, and as soon as we pulled up toward the house, we realized we had forgotten something of paramount importance when preparing for our trip - a snow shovel. Now, we had known well beforehand that it was going to snow quite a bit in Colorado, even before we left Santa Cruz. And we also had plenty of time to shop for a shovel before we left, and we had space in the truck for it too. But I guess we just couldn't put 2 and 2 together and deduce the necessity until we saw the buried driveway (and curbside for that matter) for ourselves.

Comical highjinks ensued, with me scurrying around town even before I had unloaded the truck, in search of a shovel. It was rush hour, and I didn't know where any hardware stores were (and as a typical guy, I was not about to ask for directions). I did soon find a KMart that hadn't yet gone bankrupt, but they were sold out of shovels except for the cheap plastic kid variety. It had to do, and it luckily did.

I hadn't shoveled a driveway in 18 years. It's amazing how quickly some things come back to you after such an absence though.

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