Wednesday, September 29, 2004

 Lookie, a new hobby 

Cooper's Hawk perched on neighbor's tree, September 12, 2004. Santa Cruz, CA. Posted by Hello

About a month ago, I ordered an adapter for my spotting scope for affixing my digital camera to it. I also bought a remote shutter release for my digital camera, so that I could snap photos without having to press a button on the camera itself. Lo and behold, I now have the ability to take fairly nice digital photos of birds (as well as do some time-lapse photography, but that's a topic for another post). Here's one of the early experiments that came out pretty well.

Thanks especially to and their partnership with, which allows me this new capability for posting photos to my blog. This is certainly a very welcome development, and I eagerly await showcasing more of my photography in the next few months. I'll soon have a lot more free time, after all.

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