Saturday, February 21, 2004


Have I mentioned how much Microsoft sucks? I mean, really really really sucks?

My first blog entry in nearly 3 what gives? Oh, I'll tell you. About 10 days ago my 2-month old laptop suffered a serious OS malfunction, brought on by a supposed bug-fix that I downloaded directly from Microsoft. This bug fix was intended to address a serious OS-related security hole, but in the end I discovered to my horror that once installed it ceased to allow me to even log on to my machine. I suppose in some perverse sense that does increase the security of the OS...when no one can actually connect to it. But I digress.

I have since jumped through several hoops with technical support, with the current status being that my laptop is sitting in some repair facility god-knows-where. The annoying thing about all this (and I feel my blood boiling again just writing about this) is that it's almost been two weeks now since I dropped the machine off for warranty repair, and I have no evidence yet that anyone has even taken a look at my machine. Nor do I have any evidence that they will follow my explicit instructions to not delete or reformat my existing hard drive. I say that because the laptop is now in the second or perhaps third location it has been to since I dropped it off on the 11th.

So yeah, I'm a lot pissed at Microsoft. And frankly, HP isn't earning too many points with me either. In fact, I have now resolved that in the next year, I will work hard to move all my computer use off any machine that depends on Microsoft software, or HP hardware. I am just so sick of all this MS stupidity and incompetence.

OK, enough bitching. I've worked myself into a lather again, which was not my intent. Grrrrrrr.........

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