Tuesday, July 13, 2004

 What a difference a few months make 

So here it is in July, and we have a honest-to-goodness presidential candidate in John Kerry, and a VP selection in John Edwards to boot! I'm actually quite happy about the Edwards choice - he makes a very good complement to the ticket, and provides an outstanding and very appealing contrast to the corporate fat-cat image proffered by that other VP, whose name we shall not utter here.

It's something. A year ago, it was hard to imagine that the incumbent would be anywhere near defeatible. But now, it's hard to imagine how the good guys can lose this one, barring any truly disastrous events or foulups. We have brains and populist appeal all in one package, and the hope that there won't be any of those embarrassing Clintonian bimbo eruptions to get them off-message.

President Kerry. Yeah, I could deal with that.

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