Thursday, April 08, 2004

 Now THAT's Irony 

From Yahoo News today:

BANGALORE, India - Infosys Technologies Ltd., which has become India's second-largest software maker thanks largely to outsourced work from the West, is investing $20 million to create nearly 500 consulting jobs in the United States.

The company has set up a subsidiary in Fremont, Calif., to provide business consulting to American corporations. The new company, Infosys Consulting, has begun "aggressive hiring in America," Infosys chief executive officer Nandan Nilekani told reporters Thursday.

"As we are looking to expand our global footprint, we are creating local employment in the countries we operate," he said.

In the first year, the new firm will hire 75 experienced consultants, with plans for a total of 500 hires within the next three years

Sounds great, doesn't it? But continue reading....

The company's American employees would advise U.S. corporations on improving their efficiency by embracing outsourcing and moving work to India.

Only one sentence in this story was devoted to describing what this company actually does...which is assist in the continued exporting of US jobs overseas. Everything else makes it seem like this is a net boon to the American economy, namely, the American worker.

Is it any wonder I'm cynical about the mainstream media?

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