Monday, March 22, 2004


OK, remember a month or two ago I said that I was going to resume some real "full-time" blogging, or at least something to that effect? I really mean it this time.

Since I last wrote, I got my laptop back from the assholes at Hewlett-Packard. Turns out that all the effort I went to, to get them to preserve the old hard drive, was for naught - in the process of "fixing" the laptop, they simply tossed the old drive and put a new one on. Of course, this was in sharp contradistinction to what I had been explicitly told (and in fact promised) on several occasions by what I now recognize as inept lazy idiot bastard customer care reps, but HP is hiding behind the legalese in their warranty as a way of defending their utter incompetence at actually providing useful customer service.

The bottom line is that everything I had on my laptop which was not backed up explicitly was lost. What was irretrievably lost consists mostly of several hundred pages of scanned notes and personal writings, and last winter's holiday photos (as well as whatever edits and modifications I made to my existing photo galleries). Losing the writings really hurts, but at this point I can't get too upset about it - they are gone, really really gone. And I've already vented my spleen over the phone and in a verbose but pointed email addressed to the executives at HP. There's just not much more I can say at this point.

So, I've been focusing my energy the past month on squaring away that whole sordid episode, as well as trying to get my "new" laptop back up to speed. I purchased a 160 Gb external hard drive, and am now performing backups (yes, my lesson is now well-learned). I've also been reloading a lot of software back onto my machine, and hopefully starting now I can feel like I'm sorta back to where I was, say, around Feb 10. There really is plenty more to talk about, so let us move on to more engaging fare.

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