Saturday, November 08, 2003

 Time frickin' flies 

It's been a month? Where has the time gone? Looks like I'm in need for a little more of the stream-of-consciousness style blogging, to fill up some space and provide some details on what the heck has been happening.

First off, obviously, I'm a married man now. The wedding was awesome. After all that time and effort, it was fantastic to see things unfold before me - before us - in the way they did. As family began to arrive, the wedding went from the abstract into the real, further enhanced by the rehearsing in the park and, well, the writing of the checks. The weather shaped up beautifully, and any concerns I had about how I was going to handle the demands on our time and control of the details seemed to melt away...I stopped looking at this as an analyst and instead simply participated. Which of course was the right thing to do, and the most natural and happiest state of affairs.

And I think the bliss of being that way has kept me from blogging more recently, since I've stayed somewhat averse to thinking too deeply about what happened, preferring more to just revel in it.

Anyway, an entire description of the wedding is beyond the scope of this blog. I will say that it has been a very good month afterwards, as we received so many great gifts from friends and family, and have eagerly looked forward to our honeymoon, which is coming up in less than two weeks now. Also, as described in my previous blog entry last month, I took that extra week off, which was a true godsend. What a fantastic decompression that was - although I suppose I could have blogged then, I chose to simply relax, spend a little extra time with family and friends, and catch up on several other loose ends that had been nagging at me for months. I felt so much better afterwards...enough so that I feel like I can resume this blogging project with the energy it demands.

Of course, I say this just as another 2 week vacation is creeping up. I guess we'll just see what happens.

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