Tuesday, October 07, 2003

 Almost there.... 

I get plenty of the "Are you nervous" questions as of late. Of course, I'm actually not, partly because I am (and I've been) too busy to really think about it much. There's been so much planning involved, even for our relatively low-key affair, that I always find a way to put off deep thoughts about the meaning of the whole thing.

But I also think another reason is just the nature of our relationship. Before we became lovers, we were friends, and that friendship keeps us on an even keel. Perhaps sometimes I think that it might be more "thrilling" to have that deeply passionate dizziness during the whole event, but in the end I think that's just not the way either of us are. We have strong emotions as it is, and I think we're better off not subjecting ourselves (or our guests!) to too much schmaltz. We've learned over time how we really are deep down, and I think in the end our more laid-back approach to the wedding events, and to how we treat each other, does us a big favor by setting us up for the long haul.

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