Wednesday, October 08, 2003

 Married to the wedding 

I'm finally home.

I just drove home from work. I'll be taking the next 11 days off. Big wedding this weekend, doncha know.

Family members will be arriving in Santa Cruz starting tomorrow afternoon. The final wedding details - seating arrangements, wedding helpers, coordinating precise event schedules, are just about done. Everything else is locked in and set to go.

This thing has been 10 months in the planning. And it sure as hell feels like it too. I must say, I completely underestimated the amount of mental exhaustion this whole wedding planning business would bring about. It's hard to say exactly why it was so tiring, but unmistakeably it was.

Months ago Cindy and I planned the honeymoon to start a full 5 weeks after the ceremony. The thinking was that we didn't want to deal with the frenzy of having to shove off somewhere shortly after the wedding. I suppose that was in fact a wise choice. But as it is I ended up asking for all of next week off anyway, just to recoup and perhaps do a few things that I didn't allow myself the pleasure of doing all maybe go to Yosemite for a couple days....or organize my ever-burgeoning files and papers....or think about replacing my computer. Or go birdwatching.

The wedding will be great. Lots of people rolling into town, family, friends - it'll be a trip. But I think Cindy would agree that we can't wait for all this to be over. She's got a PhD to earn.... and I've got plenty of blogging to do.

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