Tuesday, July 29, 2003


I was afraid this was going to happen - that I would at some point go for a full week without making a new blog entry. Shoot. I guess it's not really a crime or a tragedy, but it is a disappointment to me. I certainly have many reasons for not keeping up with it in recent days - for one, I was in Colorado from last Thursday until yesterday, and then after flying back (essentially commuting) I stayed at work til 8pm or so. And since then I've either slept or done other pressing things....ok, maybe not everything I've done in that time qualifies as "pressing"...but I have been occupied one way or another.

Oh yeah, that wedding thing too. And paying my g*ddamn car insurance. Yuccch. Oh, and wringing my hands over the necessity of electoral reform in the US. No wonder I can't get anything done!

On a separate note...have I mentioned how good I think Susan Tedeschi is?

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