Tuesday, October 07, 2003

 baseball blues 

Well, both my teams have tanked - the Royals in the last month of the regular season, and the Giants in the first round of the NL playoffs. The Giants were of course the bigger disappointment, since I honestly thought they were going to go far, and perhaps win it all. But what can I say - the Marlins definitely played better. The Giants defense was what really did them in....and before the season is fully over I'll take a little more time to pontificate as to why the Giants really folded.

In any case, who am I pulling for now? Boston. Yeah, you have to wonder why I'm hitching my wagon to perhaps the most questionable of the remaining of playoff teams. But the thing is that I now have a very soft spot in my heart for Fenway and their faithful, having visited there just last year - besides, whoever said that allegiances in sports had to be rational?

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