Monday, November 06, 2006


I just received another pro-Marilyn robocall about 2 minutes ago.

I estimate that in the past month, I've received probably no fewer than 30 Republican robocalls, and maybe 4 Democratic robocalls. I've gotten calls from robo-Bill Owens, robo-George Bush, robo-Laura Bush, robo-Dick Cheney (which of course is redundant), robo-Marilyn Musgrave, robo-John McCain, robo-Anne Yeldell, and several other robo-Colorado Repubs. It is just a non-stop barrage of robo-blicans.

I start to wonder what they really hope to accomplish by annoying me and so many other people in the weeks and days before the election. I also find it humorously appropriate that an actual Republican human never calls me - no, instead of having a real conversation with a person, which presumably is the point of having a phone, they use it instead to send a one-way message - we talk, you listen. There's no dialogue here, just badgering propaganda, ceaselessly repeated. And I should also mention, joylessly, by the sound of it - robo-Bush sounded pretty annoyed that he even had to make such a desperate plea for my vote on behalf of one of his robo-supporters in what should have been an easy win.

So, yes, congrats to the robo-Repubs, who've figured out how to take the absolute worst of the internet and bring it to my phone. What next, are they going to tell me that I've just won the Polish lottery, or where to get Viagra or a Rolex real cheap?

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