Saturday, September 30, 2006

 Put me in, coach 

I'm excited - today I'm going to suit up and play my first baseball game in at least 23 years.

Neighbor Nick, who I often go birding with, is also a baseball player and coach. He frequently plays in spring and fall leagues, managing his own team and also coaching his son Nick Jr. in little league. He approached me about a week ago asking if I'd be interested in playing in the fall league, which is generally a bit less hardcore and has a shorter schedule. I couldn't turn that down - I've been wondering what it would be like to get out there and face some live pitching after all this time.

Yesterday I went to the local batting cages and did 6 sessions with "medium" and "fast" pitching. After struggling through the first one, with lots of whiffs and chopped grounders, I finally started making some good contact, and getting the sweet spot on the ball, and driving it. Surprisingly, I felt that I was seeing the ball better in the fast-pitch cage than in the medium one. Nick did tell me that the pitching speeds in the league will be between 55-85. 85? God I hope not - that's pretty fast.

I'll be playing today, as well as the next two Saturdays. If it goes well, who knows, I may play again in the spring. It's like tryouts.


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