Sunday, October 01, 2006

 Post-game wrapup 

As mentioned yesterday, I played in my first baseball game since junior-high days. Overall I'd have to say I picked up pretty much where I left off...

The game didn't go so well for our side. The final score was something like 20-6. We fell behind in the second inning, and every inning after that the other side kept piling on a few more runs. Our pitching struggled, walking way too many, and giving up some gappers and bloop hits.

For my part, I was a little nervous, but I think I did OK. I was 0-1 in 3 plate appearances, with 2 walks and a run scored. I always walked a lot in little league - pitchers would often never throw me strikes. In the field I started in right field, and had 1 putout in 2 chances. That second chance was a flyball over my head - I had underplayed the batter. Ooops. In left field in the 7th inning, I had another misplay, which I conveniently blame on the sun. In those later innings I really was having trouble seeing the ball off the bat.

In the middle innings I actually got to play my favorite position of second base. I only had a couple chances to make plays there as it turns out - on a DP opportunity, the third baseman threw low and wide and the ball skipped out to right field. I probably should have done more to at least stop the throw, but in the end it didn't really matter.

We play again next Saturday, and I plan on hitting the cages sometime this week. I'll also use my George Brett glove next time - yeah, that's it. It was that Deion Sanders glove that messed me up!


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