Tuesday, December 13, 2005

 Key West 

Cindy and I are off to Florida for the next few days - see, we're a little low on Vitamin D. I'll have the laptop handy, although I probably won't be able to blog unless I happen to find some random Wi-Fi nearby.

For the 4-hour flight we're bringing along a couple DVDs that she'll be teaching for her class next spring, on Earth Sciences in the Popular Media. That means disaster (disastrous?) movies, like The Core and Volcano. Yeah, sounds like fun, can't wait.


Some of my favorite rock movies: "Dante's Peak", "Journey to the Center of the Earth,", and don't forget "Earthquake"! Are there any good movies about continental drift?
Earthquake, indeed. You could probably do a "history of the disaster movie" type course too. Although, I'm not sure there's been much evolution of the genre over time.

I think we're going to watch "The Core" - maybe that's got some drift in it. I can't say I'm anxious to find out though.

OK, I've got an early flight tomorrow. I need to go to bed. G'nite.
Somewhat off subject of disaster movies, but on the subject of movies, I've got a movie for you, if you're in the mood for a good spoofy type: Shaun of the Dead - it's from Britain - great zombie flick and you don't even have to like zombie flicks - it'll make you laugh. See you next week.
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