Saturday, December 03, 2005

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Now this is cool:Go to the site and look at all the maps there - you can magnify it more and read the finer print.

It's fun to tinker around with their clickable statistics. One thing that jumped out at me is the breakdown of loyalties of NFL and MLB fans in the Salt Lake City area. At least among the respondents, a majority of them pull for the San Francisco 49ers and the Boston Red Sox. Whaaaa? Granted, these are self-selected responses and only a small (but growing) number of them, but still, not what I would have expected.

Now that's quite interesting. Check out the MLF map for the Upper Peninsula. There's a dividing line about 50 miles to the east of Marquette - on the east side of that line you have Lions fans, on the west side you have Packer fans. Also very interesting to see how the central U.P. is classified as being part of the Green Bay sphere of influence - correctly I believe, but increasingly many people I know are starting to regard Appleton as a more significant center than GB.
That is interesting. In that case, "state" loyalty gives way to regionalism, and the vibe, the essence of Green Bay is much more in line with how Yoopers feel than those dreaded downstaters in Detroit.

I thought the college football map was a nice contrast to the pro maps. There, college allegiances are very strong locally, and drop off drastically after a hundred miles or whatever.
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