Thursday, July 17, 2003

 "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" 

The wizard's powers seem ever decreasing with each passing day now. Even with his continuous stream of weasel words, Rumsfeld gets exposed for the schmuck that he is:

[On June 30] He said the problems in Iraq are being caused by five categories of people: remnants of Saddam's government; tens of thousands of Iraqi criminals released before the war from prisons; ordinary looters; foreigners who have entered Iraq; and "people that are being influenced by Iran."

Rumsfeld said these five groups "are all slightly different in why they are there and what they are doing," saying this trait "doesn't make it anything like a guerrilla war or an organized resistance.

Contrast to what Gen. Abazaid now says just two weeks later:

"It think describing it as guerrilla tactics being employed against us is, you know, a proper thing to describe in strictly military terms," Abizaid said during a Pentagon briefing.


Abizaid said they "are conducting what I would describe as a classical guerrilla-type campaign against us. It's low-intensity conflict in our doctrinal terms, but it's war however you describe it."

Remember how last winter ol'Rummy was just the cat's meow to the media? How he just charmed their socks off, and they fell for his grandpa-style folksy banter? Maybe from now on they won't be so predisposed to merely accept everything he says, just because, dernit, they like the way he says it. Maybe my pipe dream of a reporter corps that actually investigates claims and challenges those in authority isn't so crazy.

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