Friday, July 11, 2003

 What part of "Road Closed" don't they understand? 

We live along a fairly busy street. It's a main conduit for people coming from Highway 1 and heading toward the beaches, the main boat harbor entrance, or most of the Live Oak area. A quarter mile north of us on the street is a three way intersection, and just about 100 yards south of us is a railroad crossing, with the next intersection being another 200 yards or so past that. Between that intersection and the crossing there are no other outlets from this street.

The railroad company closed of the crossing yesterday and today, so that they could tear out the existing crossing and put in a nicer one. They announced that they would be closing off this crossing last week with signs throughout the area. And yesterday, in fact, they erected a "Road Closed" sign at the aforementioned three-way intersection, so that transiters would take the detour there. It even cautioned "Railroad crossing closed - residents only".

But last night I took great amusement at the number of people, most of whom are presumably locals and regulars, who ignored the road closed sign and drove the full quarter mile down the street, only to arrive at the closed-off railroad crossing. They would of course have to turn around and head back the way they came. I actually stood out in our yard for a while just to watch them, hoping that they'd feel at least a tinge of embarrassment that somebody saw them in their failed attempt at circumventing the signage. Cindy tells me the crossing was closed around 9am, and that all day people were doing this. When I got home around 7pm, they were still doing it. And when I got up this morning, there were still people doing it.

Why do people insist and heading down a road where it's plainly marked that it's closed to thru traffic? I'll muse more on this later....

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