Wednesday, July 16, 2003

 Why the cable news channels suck 

I just got into work a few minutes ago. In the entrance lobby they have a TV which is always tuned to a cable news channel in the mornings. There's no audio, so I can't hear anything, but by always having it on they ensure that I at least take an image with me to my cube, whether I want it or not.

So what byline I do I see this morning on MSNBC? "MEN ARMED WITH PAINTBALLS STALK NAKED WOMEN". I kid you not. They have a shot, probably stock, of some paintballer dude hiding in the brush aiming his gun. Cut into the side of the frame is some talking head, in the middle of a sentence I can't hear. I have no context for this story, but really, do I need one?

News channels are so desperate for eyeballs that they now completely prostitute themselves to the most gullible and seizable demographic. Journalism? Who cares. It's all about "infotainment". God they suck.

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