Tuesday, January 10, 2006

 More Mountain Factoids 

I was scouting a survey route in eastern Colorado yesterday that I'll be on while helping out on the Winter Raptor Survey for the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory. On my drive back, I saw Longs Peak (as well as other surrounding peaks) in Rocky Mountain National Park come into view as I passed Road 137 in Weld County. Consulting a map, I estimate that the peak was 105 miles away when I first saw it. Cool.

Oh, and last week I caught a glimpse of Pikes Peak from north Fort Collins, up on a small ridge, on a beautiful clear morning. At that point my estimate is that I was 121 miles from the peak. I so love Colorado mountain watching in the winter.

That is all. Just thought you'd like to know. Carry on.

UPDATE (1/15/06): After a repeat trip east last Friday to do the actual survey, I can report that you can actually see Longs Peak from even further out than I originally thought. On a beautiful crystal-clear morning, I was able to see the peak just inside Logan County, which is about 113 miles from the peak.

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